The Family Portraits. Chapter 2. Testimony A-3

Montreal Landmarks, Québec, Canada 2015 - 2019

The Family Portraits, Chapter 2. Testimony A-3 2019Montreal Landmarks, Montreal, QC, CanadaHD video, audio, single-channel 09:17 (excerpt)Camera, performative action: Livia Daza-ParisEditor: Virginia Puentes
The Family Portraits 2015-2019Notre Dame Cathedral, Montreal, QCPhotos: Carla Olivera
The photo images were taken by happenstance by photographer Carla Oliveira (Carla Oliveira@CarlaColega) who happened to be around the Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal, QC, Canada at that moment of my performative action. She approached me after I had finished the public intervention. And, after talking for a moment, we realized that we had engaged in an improvised, chance-given artistic collaboration.