These artworks are created at the intersection of poetic interventions, interpretive knowledge and documentarian forms. They navigate a terrain of non-official history while experimenting with performativities, video, participatory art and primary sources. 
Family Portraits, A-4. My backyard  2016-2019
Family Portraits, A-1. Washington  2015-2017
Family Portraits, A-3. Montreal  2015-2019
Family Portraits, A-0. Lara  2012
Antigone, diary of rituals  2012-2014 
Antigone, diary of rituals N.1  2012-14
Antigone, diary of rituals N.2 2012-14
Antigone, diary of rituals N.3  2012-14
Antigone, diary of rituals N.4  2012-2014
Antigone, ritual after rituals  2012                          
The Books of Waiting  2011-2014 


Book One: Unfinished Portraits  2011-2014 
Book Two: Disappeared Prayers  2011-2014 
Book Three: What was at the Mountain? 2014
Found Evidence  2011-2014
Bedtime Story  2010-2014                  
Visible Silence  2006  
Made of Clay and Water 2004-2005 
Wet Petals  2003-2005     
Silent Sky 1998