The Books of Waiting


Book Two: Disappeared Prayers

Performative actions. Canada and USA 2011-2012

Through an instinctual bodily assertion, Book Two explores the occurrence of falling from kinaesthetic explorations—working within Skinner Releasing—as well as engaging the mimetic imagination: the visceral felt sense of stories, as described by Maria Tatar in her book “Enchanted Hunters”. The following performativities captured in the videos explore falling as surrender; due to an impact from a shooting; and as a state of suspension. Finally, I imagined falling with another who is falling—one who is dying.

 Upside Down World | Mundo al revés

Detroit, US 2012HD video, sound 03:25Performative action, voice: Livia Daza-ParisCamera: Daniel MarchwinskiSound: Andrew TelichanEditor: Xi Feng

   No Sounds Carried the Wind | Ningún sonido trajo el viento

Ontario, Canada 2011HD video, sound 03:00Text, camera, performative action, voice: Livia Daza-ParisEditor: David MartinezSound engineering: Andrew Telichan

Disappeared Prayers | Rezos desaparecidos

Lake Ontario, Canada 2011HD video, sound 02:00Performative action: Livia Daza-ParisCamera, editor: David Martinez

These assembled 'Disappeared Prayers' make this Book Two. This artwork, The Books of Waiting, began from improvised performative actions based on visceral memories. They were video recorded as they happened without second takes, special lighting, or props. A narrative developed from these embodiment explorations, and I organized them into video chapters, including my texts interspersed with letters from my mother. I found those letters after her sudden death in 1999. 

This work is committed to expressing —from deep within the body— dimensions of state violence's intangible impacts. It attempts to do so in the tradition of 'instant dance, improvisations, and performance' I was immersed in during the late 1980s in NYC. The work took place in non-controlled spaces, forests and abandoned areas, in Toronto ON, the Laurentian region of QC, and Detroit MI

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