The Books of Waiting

Book One: Unfinished Portraits 

Performative actions. Canada and USA 2010-2012

Book One: Unfinished Portraits questions the nature of portraiture and temporality. They explore a kinaesthetic expression of the mimetic imagination: a mind-emotion activity that viscerally engages the body and the senses to access, navigate, and make meaning of memories that go beyond cognitive language. These performativities engage the mimetic imagination from visceral memories. 

     Retrato al revés 2012

HD video, sound 01:23Camera, performative action: Livia Daza-ParisVoices: Alba Daza, Livia Daza-ParisSound composer: Pablo BonacinaEditor: Sebastián Reyes

The story in the letters | La historia en las cartas 2012

HD video, sound 03:32Camera, performative action, voice: Livia Daza-ParisSound composition: Andrew TelichanEditor: Sebastián Reyes, Xi Feng

To tell you | Decirte 2011

HD video, sound 02:53Camera, performative action, voice: Livia Daza-ParisSound engineering: Andrew TelichanEditor: David Martinez

These assembled 'Unfinished Portraits' comprise Book One. This artwork began from improvised performative actions based on visceral memories.The video recorded as they happened without second takes, nor with any special lighting or props. Later, a narrative developed from these embodiment explorations that I organized as video chapters and my texts interspersed with letters from my mother. I found those letters after her sudden death in 1999. 

This work is committed to expressing dimensions—from deep within the body—of state violence's intangible impacts. It attempts to do so in the tradition of the 'instant dance, improvisations, and performance' in which I was immersed in NYC during the late 1980s. The performativities, video and sound recordings happened in non-controlled spaces—forests and abandoned areas, in Toronto ON, the Laurentian region in QC, and Detroit MI

The Books of Waiting. Book One: Unfinished Portraits 2014 11:15