The Family Portraits 

Chapter 2. Testimony A-3

 Montreal Landmarks

Québec, Canada 2015 – 2019

The Family Portraits, Chapter 2. Testimony A-3 2019

Montreal Landmarks, Montreal, QC, CanadaHD video, audio, single-channel 09:17 (excerpt)Camera, performative action: Livia Daza-ParisEditor: Virginia Puentes

           Backyard Montreal

The Family Portraits  

     Notre Dame Cathedral, Montreal, QCPhotos: Carla Oliveira
The photos were taken by happenstance. Photographer Carla Oliveira happened to be around Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal, QC, Canada at the precise moment of my performative action. She approached me after I had finished my public intervention, and, after talking for a moment, we realized that we had engaged in an improvised, chance-given artistic collaboration