Made of Clay and Water | Hechas de barro y agua

Montreal, Canada 2004-2005

Made of Clay and Water 2005

Through the concept of poetic interviews, these videos metaphorically extrapolate aspects of the life of my late mother, Irma Paris. The artwork inquires: in the face of complicated loss due to political violence, could still one's life be filled with beauty and love? These qualities, seem to emerge with strength as one confronts such a predicament. The artistic approach in this work, suggests a form of conversation beyond the verbal by exploring the notion of personal history as ‘stored in the body’. The haptic camera searches the 'where' those memories are in the body.
The recording took place at each of the participant's homes. The body movements were improvised in-situ as part of their responses during the interviews.
Production, direction, camera: Livia Daza-Paris Sound post production, editing: Alejandro Rodríguez Text, poem, voice: Livia Daza-Paris Participants: Ingrid Hein, Nadine Mondestin, Veronica Pelicaric and Jutta Woods.
Made of Clay and Water was presented as a video installation at Tanzquartier, Vienna, Austria, in the context of the North/South Lab, 2005. Curated by Benoît Lachambre.