Wet Petals | Pétalos húmedos

Montreal, Canada 2003-2005

Wet Petals 2003 All Photos: Zoi Kilakos

Wet Petals | Pétalos Húmedos

Commissioned by FIND: 11th Festival International de Nouvelle Danse, 2003, in partnership with Montréal Arts Interculturel (MAI). This multimedia performance explores the physicality of loss and nightmarish terrors left by state violence. Including a sound collage of interviews from political refugees women in Canada, the work gives focus to the female experience. The choreography integrates sound sculpture with real-time processed video.

Many thanks to artists: Benoît Lachambre, Pablo Bonacina, Aaron Daley, Ame Hutchinson, Lin Snelling and Sha Xin Wei. Especial thanks to Chantal Pontbriand and Silvie Lachance. https://eartexte.ca/id/eprint/16433/https://www.studio303.ca/en/archives/archives-vernissage-danse/
Created with support from the Canada Arts Council, Conseil des art et lettres de Québec, Montréal Arts Interculturel and Festival International du Nouvelle Danse. This works has been presented at Montreal Arts Interculturel MAI; Studio 303; and at Los Talleres Theater in México City.
Wet Petals 2003Water Tomb MAI Theatre. Montreal, Québec
Wet Petals 2003Red HarnessMAI Theatre. Montreal, Québec
Wet Petals 2005Body Peripheries Studio 303. Montreal, Québec
Wet Petals 2003Body Traces MAI Theatre. Montreal, Québec
Wet Petals 2003MAI Theater, MontrealInstallation Photos: Ame Hutchinson